1. The beautiful Cherry, producer and #burlesque performer!! She was MY motivational speaker tonight. What she shared on turning 50 this year and looking | feeling so young?

    “If you continue to want to grow and expand and want to be a contribution and you never give up, you stay vibrant. I haven’t given up on my dreams.” #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  2. The fabulous @joweldon leading a burlesque class for filming @heydaysvintagetv at the #slipperroom tonight! (at The Slipper Room NYC)

  3. Channeling anime today. #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  4. I’ll let this one stand for itself. #lipstickaffirmations (at SammyD.TV/affirmations)

  5. #lipstickaffirmations KISS the world today - it needs your love to remember it IS love. XO (at SammyD.TV)

  6. Today I am channeling Jonathan Taylor Thomas. #tooltime #its #time #to #shine XO (at SammyD.TV)

  7. #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  8. AND SO IT IS! Ride the train of this day - you get to decide all the stops. Make ‘em good. XO (at SammyD.TV)

  9. INSTANT HAPPINESS. #noshame (at SammyD.TV)

  10. Turn it on. Pump it up. DANCE - MOVE - shut it DOWN. #energy #mymusic (at SammyD.TV)

  11. Don’t hate. #aquanet #vintage #50 #years #cant #be #wrong #3.99 (at SammyD.TV)

  12. Did I just accidentally dye my hair white? #ohshoot #filming #tomorrow #old #lady #chic (at SammyD.TV)

  13. One of my favorites. No need to rush. You are powerful BECAUSE you are patient. #lipstickaffirmations {prints for purchase coming to SammyD.TV this fall} (at SammyD.TV)

  14. 20 minutes #meditation. Lots came up. All flowed out. Feeling clean, feeling more serene. #justmeditate (at SammyD.TV)

  15. "Creation comes from chaos."
    I’ve never been a fan of conflict. I’ve always tried to ignore it, push it away, sweep it under the rug. But what I’ve realized is with positive perspective, nothing bad can ever come from the conflict. Because it is in the chaos of the conflict that new things are born. New opportunity is created, fresh ideas are inspired, growth of you as a human being takes place.
    We cannot change, learn, grow and move forward for the better if it weren’t for the chaos, because no one ever changes when “things are just fine.” It’s the tough moments that inspire action, and with understanding that the conflict is creating, we begin to use that action for self improvement and greater awareness of our infinite power to feel and do better on this planet. Today I encourage us to see the chaos and choose to create positively from the chaos. Where is this path leading you? What divine order is working in your best interest? You’ve got this chaos in the oven … Bake it into new positive creation for you. XO {read MORE #lipstickaffirmations at SammyD.TV/affirmations}

    (at SammyD.TV/affirmations)