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  2. I have angels all around me.

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    Continuing to ask, believe and receive the highest and best for #loveyourlife today.

    You get by with help from those who support and learn from you. Thank you for being one of them. WOW! Thank YOU.

    My giant crystal deserves a big THANK YOU too!
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    When we can’t control a situation, good. We relax, we ask, we believe, we receive.

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  11. My favorite #lipstickaffirmations ever. Passing the serenity to you. (at SammyD.TV)

  12. New bed spread and pillows for the @airbnb guest room. Plus, a new curtain that’s long enough to keep light out since the window receives natural light steaming through in AM. Next upgrades will come at holidays as I am asking Santa to help continue to create a beautiful home for friends new and old :-) #blessed (at SammyD.TV)

  13. Please pray for this little guy. I’ve passed him / her twice, willingly pushed up against this McDonalds wall. The energetic orb of sadness, hurt and pain is so strong. I just had to stop dead in my tracks and wish this being peace. (at New York Spanish Harlem)

  14. Good morning :-) This I declare for us today.

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  15. @airbnb guests from Montreal: 3 fabulous ladies of love and light who danced to the trance #grouptherapy effects of Above & Beyond last night. Best part? The motivational phrase “Above & Beyond” was on my vision board for 2014. Yes. I manifested these guests and they are amazing. Thank you Kiera, Debbie + Pamela! #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)