1. #sparkitup #affirmation (at SammyD.TV)

  2. Tonight I’m presenting thanks to facilitator @kamauware of @warehousegallery at Story Camp 2.0, a series of storytellers through various mediums. I’m presenting “Sharing Your Story Through Social Media: How to Be & Learn from the Authentic, Awesome Digital You.” Stay tuned for pics and how I lead participants to open their story telling POW. Interested in attending? Email me sammy@sammyd.tv for full directions and visit tinyurl.com/storycamptix XO (at Tinyurl.com/storycamptix)

  3. "Asking how I can improve means I will improve." A #lipstickaffirmations that helps me to keep growing, learning and connecting with others. The successful person never knows enough. The successful person never feels they’re "done growing." The successful person faces fear every single day. Which is why the successful person - that means you!! - asks how you can improve so that you WILL improve. You think BeyoncĂ© has it all down? No. She’s definitely getting advice and trainings to keep doing her thing. Be the superstar you are today and ask how you can grow more. Have a beautiful day everyone {read more affirmations SammyD.tv/affirmation} XO #affirmation (at SammyD.tv/affirmations)

  4. Reading “Think and Grow Rich” by #vintage #classic self success leader Napoleon Hill last year changed my life. I’m re-reading it now for a boost - and suggest that you all read this page. #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  5. Hello. Happy. High. This is what #exercise does to your brain, body and positive juju boost. XO (at Asphalt Green)

  6. #Repost from @virginvintage
    I LOVE THIS WOMAN! Follow her! —- Rocking confidence by my side with my new bag from @sammydtv “I let go of my need to be perfect today” yep.. That’s everyday for me. It’s the only way to get through life. Thanks Sammy! (at Virgin Vintage)

  7. Just saw my dentist because my teeth make me happy :-) yes his name is Dr. Love and there is a seriously obvious reason I chose to make him my dentist :-) XO (at Dr. Love DDS)

  8. Just saw my dentist because my teeth make me happy :-) yes his name is Dr. Love and there is a seriously obvious reason I chose to make him my dentist :-) XO (at Dr. Love DDS)

  9. For those of you who missed it: my interview with @youarecreators was ah-ma-zing Monday night! This weeks episode 8.4 is with @lookingflyonadime followed by @abiolatv on 8.25. Stay tuned :-) watch the recap on how to use the #powerofattraction (and feel better about yourself, one another, and your life) by tuning in on my site here ——> tinyurl.com/youarecreators-interview <—— (at tinyurl.com/youarecreators-interview)

  10. Happy birthday to my #templemade friend, fellow writer, optimist and lover of life for nearly a decade and #NYC roommate for 5! @jessenorth I miss our rooftop parties and this photo is honoring your beautiful blessed and abundant birthday! This is your year! XO (at SammyD.TV)

  11. "I can have it all because I can share it all." There’s something very powerful and law-of-attraction enabling when we can smile in full knowing that *everything will come our way* because we want to *share it all.*
    Because it’s a constant flow. You receive big things and then you give big things without the belief that you are “losing” because as you give you receive more. As a giver of the greatness you have, it’s like you’re constantly texting the delivery man of The Divine letting them know a new shipment is in store. So today I encourage you and me to let go of feeling guilty for wanting it all because we can, will and already are sharing it all. Because when we share what we don’t believe we need, we end up receiving it all anyway. #lipstickaffirmation (at SammyD.tv/affirmations)

  12. #sparkitup! Me and this #shoefetti met like a girl meets graffiti match made in heaven tonight. Follow @xo_rs to join the hype. XO (at Glasslands Gallery)

  13. Supporting @keithvarick at Glasslands Gallery tonight - amazing voice, look and sound. #amazing #blessed (at Glasslands Gallery)

  14. May we stop worrying about how we look, and begin focusing on how we feel. #sparkitup #affirmation (at SammyD.TV)

  15. NYCers! Tell me where you at. XO (at SammyD.TV)