1. Big hugs around this powerful, beautiful and special #templemade sister today. Love you Malaika! #activate2k14 (at The Times Center 242 West 41St Street)

  2. On the stage of the @nytimes center preaching positive thinking, love and speaking life wherever you go. You are a miracle and more powerful, beautiful and special than you THINK. Always! #becomeyourdream
    #Repost from @firstladylillie —- This panel session is about to go down!!!!! #activateamerica #activate2k14 (at Times Center - New York Times Building)

  3. #Repost from @cutiecrew —- This young lady!! Loved her energy, style and outlook! You rock Sammy! @sammydtv #youngandgifted #personality #brains #beauty #fun #activate2k14 (at SammyD.TV)

  4. Look at this powerful, beautiful special woman @lucindacross! Today I was blessed to partake in the energy of Lucinda’s annually occurring ACTiVATE Conference for women who get to let go of delay and start creating their lives TODAY. What blew me away most about this experience is that a.) I was 100% my authentic self on stage at the @nytimes center b.) everyone loved that I was 100% myself and appreciated it and c) how warm loving and real the activated attendees were. What beacons of light they served just in saying hello to me. It’s a beautiful, divine thing when we can also get out of our own way and know that what we declare is never too far away. And today’s ACTIVATE conference proved that yes, life is now, and yes, a life lived unapologetically for YOU and celebrated in OTHERS is the highest reward of all. It’s the feeling behind the doing. Today showed why we choose to do it with love. (at SammyD.TV)

  5. Amazing amazing amazing motivation from @nrobertsjones at #activate2K14! Yes yes yes! (at The Times Center 242 West 41St Street)

  6. #activate2K14 fired up with the beautiful LaQuisha Williams of Florida and @dawndelrusso repping #NYC! #theaffirmationtote

  7. Getting #sparkedup at #activate2K14 with the beautiful @jengroover and @dawndelrusso! (at The Times Center 242 West 41St Street)

  8. Here we go #activate2K14!! Let’s fire it UP today. Can’t wait to speak life into hundreds of people from the stage of the @nytimes center today! (at activateconference.com)

  9. This morning I woke and read one of my many daily newsletters. In it was a letter Bruce Lee wrote to himself, “I will become the highest paid oriental actor by 1980.” Which he did.

    I know reading that was a sign to get out of my own way - to decide - to focus and to declare. Because that’s how the law of attraction works. Here’s my letter. I’m keeping it close by. And I can’t wait to open and re-read at the end of 2015 :-) #becomeyourdream #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  10. Here I come #lala land! @heydaysvintagetv, get ready for color and kicks. XO (at SammyD.TV)

  11. Let love lead. I once had this written on my bedroom wall, a wall I had painted with chalkboard paint when I first moved to #NYC 7 years ago. As I prepare for another set of @airbnb guests to bless my apartment as I travel to #la this next week - this time, a beautiful newlywed couple from Spain on their honeymoon!! - I am reminded of just how meaningful the statement “let love lead” is in ALL situations. In remembering that the simple things are most meaningful, that we only enter and exit this life with our love, that to be in love with our life is to, simply, love ALL of it. The newlyweds entering my apartment have chosen one another to help grow and guide them on this path called life. Wherever that path goes, love will lead them. Let love lead - and it will lead you in love, too. XO (at SammyD.TV)

  12. I will NEVER stop thinking this is one of the best songs on the planet. #sparkitup #positiveenergy (at SammyD.TV)

  13. Keep learning. Keep doing. Keep learning. Let go of perfection and do it anyway. Be proud of your progress. Celebrate what you have versus criticizing what you do not. Happiness is learning how to learn without questions, concerns or judgements. Just do it. Just live. Just love. Just learn!! #sparkitup (at SammyD.TV)

  14. #flashback Friday: When I started experimenting with thematic / performance photography. I met a hair stylist in South Philly back in #2006 and created a Rockstar series of photos I later coined “Cruella De Ville.” @ladygaga, here’s some inspiration. #sparkitup #beyou (at SammyD.TV)

  15. 17 minutes of #meditation. Just because I felt like a random number this AM :-) voice: “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” (at SammyD.TV)